PostHeaderIcon Granite Worktops vs. Quartz Worktops

Granite WorktopsAre you planning to get new worktops installed in your recently refurbished kitchen and are confused about whether you should opt for granite or quartz for the worktops? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you need to know that both quartz and granite are widely used for kitchen countertops but which one is better is highly debatable. So, before you take your pick it is important that you compare both granite and quartz on a few parameters and then decide which one will work the best for you.

• Granite

A large number of homeowners opt for granite worktops for their kitchens. Granite has gained popularity as a kitchen worktop material because of its durability and hardness. Granite is usually resistant to acid, stains and it is very unlikely that your granite countertop will suffer from chips or scratches. Granite is known to be heat resistant as well. If you maintain your granite kitchen countertops well then they will last for years to come.

• Quartz

Quartz is also preferred by many homeowners for their kitchen countertops because they are stain resistant. However, unlike granite you do not need to apply any level of sealing to keep it from deteriorating. Quartz is also a non-porous material and this means that you will never have to worry about bacterial growth as far as your quartz kitchen countertop is concerned. The patterns of quartz are much more uniform than granite because the former is manmade. However, if the quartz worktop is overexposed to ultraviolet rays then it can suffer from minor deterioration.

• Comparing granite and quartz

Both granite and quartz come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Though both granite and quartz are hard materials, quartz is heavier.

The cost of both granite and quartz kitchen worktop is largely dependent on the size of the project.

PostHeaderIcon Home painting ideas

Home painting ideasWhen it comes to painting your house the first thing that comes to mind is the color. Although neutral colors are often best for a house but the painting idea can be different. The important part is detailing which matters the most. If you hire a professional painter he would come up with some innovative ideas to paint the house which will amaze. Given below are some unique home painting ideas:

• The kid’s room can be painted in the traditional pink or in blue depending on whether it is a girl or a boy. But that is a cliché now. Some of the recent trends are drawing planes, cars, and cartoon characters to make the room more lively and unique for the kids. Drawing numbers or alphabets or geometric figures will also work.

• Faux painting is another unique idea to paint your house. Solid colors may look dull after a few months or years but faux painting gives a luxurious look to the house and makes sure it remains unique for a long time. Venetian plaster, suede, denim or stone imitations are some of the materials which are used in faux painting.

• Black accent walls are often considered to be daunting and uninviting but people do not understand that if a single wall of the room is colored in black then it helps to bring out the other objects in the room more clearly. This concept was introduced recently and it helps to brighten the room in one way and not darken it.

• Painting your house or part of the house using a single color often seems dull. So if two colors are used it would look more lively. Splitting the top and bottom part and coloring them in two different shades will look really good. For the lower half it is always wise to choose a dark color.

PostHeaderIcon Marble Tiles For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Bathroom And KitchenIf you are planning to make your bathroom and your kitchen floors look beautiful and elegant then the best option would be to use marble tiles. Marble tiles always look classy wherever you put them and your kitchen and bathroom floors are no different. You may find various other designing options but when it comes to floors it is a wise idea to choose marble tiles. Apart from the elegance and class there are various other reasons why you can choose marble tiles for your bathroom and kitchen. Following are some of the reasons given in brief for you to understand in a better manner:

• First and foremost there are too many designs that you can choose from. Marble tiles’ design is like an ocean. There are natural colors design, customized patterns and various other things. This will give you an opportunity to choose according to the color of the walls in your house and also buy according to the contrast.
• Secondly marble tiles are easier to clean than any other material. Also the chances of dust sticking to it are very less. If you are fitting marble tiles in the kitchen floor then you would expect it to get discolored but that is not the case. One wipe from a wet cloth will take all the dust particles away and it will look like new again.
• Thirdly and most importantly since marble floors are so popular in the market that is why the manufacturers have selected a comparatively low price for them. If you have any doubt then you can check the price of a normal tile with that of a marble tile and you will understand the difference. Also if you buy them online the price will be much lower than what you though it might be.

PostHeaderIcon Energy Star Electrical Home Appliances

Energy Star Electrical Home AppliancesElectrical appliances used in homes have made life easier for the modern working women as it saves them time and energy too. As the cost of electricity has been hiked to such an extent, one may have to reduce the usage of these appliances in order to cut down expenses on the electricity bill. But now with new energy star appliances it saves them money too and it prevents consumers from making a hole in their pockets. This program was started way back in 1992, but now people are getting aware of these products and are opting for these appliances as they are not only energy savers but also environmental friendly, with the radical change in our climate it is most important.

Energy star appliances have proved to have used 10-50% less water and energy than other appliances. Appliances earning energy star ratings are the most energy efficient appliances in the market. These appliances have exceeded the minimum specifications created by the federal government because of their efficiency. Some state governments and local utilities set up rebate programs to reward consumers for choosing energy star appliances. Appliances with energy star ratings can also help in saving energy which in turn can give us a better environment. Energy Stars can be found in a variety of products such as:

• Home Theatres
• TVs
• Dishwashers
• Sound bars
• Refrigerators
• Cordless phones

A consumer’s consideration for the environment can make them feel good while they purchase products that are ENERGY STAR certified. Each DVD, TV and home theatre system purchased in a year can lead to the prevention of more than billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year which is equal to the emissions from more than 200,000 cars. Energy Star appliances are thus the best appliances for home makers.

PostHeaderIcon Use dolls to decorate your home beautifully

dolls to decorate your homeDo you want to do something unique for your home décor? Well, if you do then opt for homemade dolls. Homemade dolls will add life and color to your décor and at the same time are whimsy as well. You can use the homemade dolls as the focal points of your décor or as accents; this will depend on how you want to display them. Dolls will add an element of interest to your home décor and be it rag dolls, clowns, baby dolls or doll of any other kind, you can be rest assured that they will make your home look beautiful.

If you are using the dolls as the central point of the décor of a room, then you should use dolls which will add a lot of color. If your wallpaper or curtains have thin blue stripes, then you can use dolls in the same shade of blue to decorate your room. If you love floral prints and have used floral wallpapers in your rooms, then you can opt for dolls that have hats with flower brims or dolls which are carrying a basket of flowers. If you want to add a quotient of drama in the décor then you can have big dolls in color that are in contrast to the walls and upholstery on the room.

If you want to use dolls as accents, then you can use them as covers. Cover dolls usually have a wooden base that supports the torso and instead of legs they have bell skirts. So, if you are using the doll for a toaster, the wooden base will be on the top of the toaster and the flaring bell skirt will cover the toaster. You can use these dolls to cover the things in the house which you think will cause a distraction for the décor when not in use.

PostHeaderIcon Decking up your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Party home decorAre you planning to host a gala Thanksgiving party in your home like every year? That’s great as Thanksgiving is the time of festivity and celebration which is best manifested through a great Thanksgiving party. However, if you are to host the party in your house you must ensure a good party décor to present an inviting ambience for the guests. The article here is a brief on the tips to decorate your home for the much awaited Thanksgiving party this year.

First of all, you can start with a fresh coat of paint if your house has not been painted for long. The right colors here would be orange, tan and butterscotch. A hint of green here and there would make the rooms livelier. Thanksgiving falls on autumn which remarks vibrancy and hence the same bright touch should be reflected in your party décor. Cornucopia is a hallmark symbol of Thanksgiving and no part décor for the festival would be complete without the touch of ‘nature’s bounty”. You can place cornucopia on your window sills or center table or in the entryway.

Get flowers for a fresh and fragrant feel in your house. You must also count on aromatic candles here. In fact, the aromatic candles will be wonderful to light up your living room- the place where you mean to entertain your Thanksgiving party guests. Then, gourd is another hallmark symbol of Thanksgiving which must get a special mention in your home during this festive season. If you are not placing the cornucopia on your dining table, a fresh gourd would be good to fill up the place. However, some people love to deck up the table center with a steaming turkey. In that case, you can go for small gourd figurines and have them to adorn your shelves.

PostHeaderIcon Simple décor for a kid’s room

kids room decorKids always love all things new and the same goes for their room décor. You might do up the décor of your child’s room with a lot of care and creativity but the truth is your kid will be bored with it after sometime and would want something new. Since it is not always possible to change the décor of your little one’s room frequently, it is important that you keep the décor of kids’ rooms simple and incorporate elements that are easy to maintain. You do not need to face fancy canopy beds or get murals painted on walls by professionals when you do the décor of your kid’s room.
Here are a few easy and pocket friendly tips for decorating children’s rooms.

Talk to your child and see what color he or she would want in her room. Paint the walls of the room in that color; however, it will be great if you can use the pastel shade of that color. For little girls lavender and soft pink are the best picks and for boys it is glue and spring green. Changing the colors of the walls is the easiest and the cheapest way to overhaul the appearance of a room.

Adding new pieces of furniture once in a while is also a good way to change the décor of a kid’s room. You might be thinking that purchasing new furniture involves shelling out considerable amount of money but you will be glad to know that there are ways for getting furniture at reasonably cheaper rates. Furniture sold at online stores comes with lower price tags than the ones that are sold in offline stores. Also furniture sold at thrift stores and yard sales are good options. Apart from a bed, you need to have a cupboard and a study table in your kid’s room.

PostHeaderIcon Why to choose ceramic tiles for flooring

ceramic tiles, flooringCeramic tiles are always a good option when it comes to home flooring. The best part about ceramic tiles is that these are fashionable and are available at a much lower cost in comparison to hardwood & stone flooring. Here is a discussion highlighting on the many advantages of installing ceramic tiles for your floors.

The first advantage of ceramic tiles is that these are budget friendly and are pretty durable as well as waterproof thanks to modern construction techniques. Installation and maintenance are pretty easy when it comes to ceramic tiles. You will just need some generic cleanser and a regular sweeping and mopping routine to keep the floor all glowing over the years.

What more, the ceramic tiles are available in a broad variety of colors and styles. Thus, you are assured to find the perfect one for you easily on par with your specific home décor. The ceramic tiles would always work wonders for a trendy home.

PostHeaderIcon Basic tips on painting the interior of your home

painting interior of  homeAre you thinking to paint your home then you might want to paint your own home. Painting is a very simple task and can be easily being done without any help of a professional. Here are some basic tips on painting your interiors.

  • The first step you need is to buy all the equipments that you would need for painting the home. Make sure that you have bought good quality products as it makes painting easy task.
  • Then as you have bought the equipments you would be required to even the surface of the wall that you are going to paint. The even surface can be painted easily and it also gives a good look.
  • Then as the surface smoothens you will be required to paint the wall with a base paint that is white. This is required as it gives the paint more light to shine.
  • Then after few hours of application of white paint you can use now paint the walls with your desired color. Be sure to paint the wall in firm strokes.

Follow the above tips and you can paint your home by saving a good sum of money that you would have spent on a professional painter.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tips on waterproofing your home

home care, waterproof homeIf your home is not waterproofed then there is a chance of your home getting damaged quite easily. The water leaks are very common and this leakage causes the walls to dampen and finally it destroys the wall. It is very essential to remove this water leakage by waterproofing your home. Here are the steps that you will need to waterproof your home.

• First you will need to find all the cracks present in the home. Basement of any home is the place from where water gets into the house easily. So you need to check the basement for the water leakage.
• After you have found out the cracks you can remove them using the concrete mixture. This will ensure that there are no more cracks in the house.
• After this you need to apply the waterproofing material on the walls. This will waterproof your home and will not allow any water to enter the house.
You can use these steps to waterproof the house and can also contact professionals if you need help.

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