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Cork Floor cleaning tips

Varied flooring options are available, among them, cork flooring is available in varieties of colors, interesting patterns, different textures, and in an earthy appearance. Installing a cork floor is very simple and easy that can be installed by any abled home owner. Following the instruction manual and Do It Yourself the process of installing cork floors sounds perfect. Not only installing but cleaning the cork floor is equally easy and simple. When it comes for maintaining a cork floor, it is a simple process and possesses the resemblance just like tile or wood flooring options. A small time investment in cleaning the cork floors will help you in paying you off by maintaining it for upcoming years.




Cleaning a cork floor

  • While cleaning a cork floor it is important to get employed with cleaning tools that are not damaging or harmful for the floors. Use a soft bristle brush or mop having soft bristles for cleaning a cork floors. Planning of using a vacuum cleaner, it is advisable of attaching soft bristle attachment for better cleaning.
  • Use the vacuum approximately for 2 to 3 times a week; it depends upon the usage of floors. Remember; never vacuum the floor without attaching any attachment. It can permanently damage the crock floors installed.
  • Moping regularly by using minimal water. Fill up the bucket and add water to it, if possible add little amount of cleaner specialized for cleaning a cork floor. You can also add white vinegar. Dip a sponge and apply the solution on the floor. Don’t let It rest for a longer time on the floor. Clean it thoroughly and rinse it with clean water.
  • Using warm water is prohibited. It is advisable of using normal water that will not damage the floor installed. Using the stronger cleaner for cleaning a cork floor helps in making it beautiful as it was before.
  • Use it wisely say for once in a month when you observe any dirt or waxing issue on the floors. Dilute it and mix it well with the water according to the instruction stated on the manual. Using mild cleaner is important to avoid the damaging effects on your floors.
  • Use a towel or piece of clean cloth that will help you in removing g the dirty and solution applied to the cork floors. Wipe the spills on the floor by using a cloth. Never allow the moisture to remain stagnant on the cork floors.
  • Moisture always inserts damaging effects and the spills and dirt remains stagnant on the floors forever. Depp cleaning process is also helpful in dealing with the cork floor. For an extremely dirty floor, deep cleaning process suits the best.
  • For preventing damaging effects on the cork floor, avoiding necessary things will help you. Protect the floor from sun light, scuffing from furniture should be avoided, don’t forget to install and place the matts near your entrance and sinks. Cork flooring are sensitive enough that catches water from the plant pots installed in the home.

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