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PostHeaderIcon Escalate your home security with CCTV

CCTVThere has been a rise in demand for CCTV cameras in the recent years by both business organizations and business owners, because the security had been quite a concern! The increment in demand had given rise to many new manufacturers in the market, thus making the CCTVs’ quite affordable and quite developed. While Price remains a factor of judgement while purchasing, but there are few more, which need a bit of concern:

The main concern should be the quality of video recording, i.e. the capture of number of frames per second on which the video quality rests, while 30 frames is quite standard, but today there are available at even 120 frames, with a bit of more shelling out of course.

Another parameter of concern is the TV LINES; higher the TVL, better the image quality i.e. image sharpness, though 400tvl is quite average while now with price 480 TVL is also in the market. Camera resolution should also be looked after. Lastly, check on the HDD capacity, which is the storing capacity of the camera. Some cameras are available with motion sensors, those records only with change in environment. Make the best pick!

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