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PostHeaderIcon Tips To Organize Your Garage

Tips of organising your garage

ways of organising your garage

Garage is that space of the home which is treated as damp space. No one will ever be visiting your garage like they visit your living room or they visit your bedroom or kitchen. Hence you will always think of cleaning and organizing your garage but you will never think of organizing your garage. However garage is an essential part of your home and when you think of cleaning rest of the parts of the home, you will have to think about cleaning and organizing your garage also. Organizing your garage is not that big deal as people think it off. However garage is such place which would be filled with extra things like sewing machines or toys which your kids no longer use or old clothes which are so last season and you are never ever going to wear them again. All that stuff which is not of use but you cannot throw them are stored in your garage. This makes the task of organizing your garage more difficult. Let it be difficult, there are ways to get rid of those difficulties. Here are some of the easy and efficient ways to organize your garage and make it a better place.

  • Use vertical and ceiling space

This tip for organizing your garage is very much useful if you are using your garage for parking your vehicle as well along with using it as your storage space.  By utilizing the vertical and ceiling space for storage, you will actually get more space for parking your vehicle without any fear of bumping with any substance in the way. You need to get rid of all the junks in the way and organize it in the vertical and ceiling space. This is kind of smart way of organizing your garage.

  • Label every item while organizing

Once you are done with organizing your garage, you are not going to remember which item was placed where by you. Hence one of the nicest ways to get your stuff back when you need it is to label every item with them and then place it in its place. You might find this job tedious and boring but trust me it will be very much helpful in the long run when you will walk in the garage and get what you wanted just in the friction of second.

  • Take everything out and then organize it

While you are organizing your garage, don’t just place everything where you find the place. You need to do proper organizing and for that you should first of all start by taking all the stuff out and then sought them out. Remove all those items which you are never going to use as it will avail you with the added space. Donate those items which should be donated, sale those items which can be sold and throw rest of them in junk. After that, organize rest of the items which are useful in a proper manner in your garage.

PostHeaderIcon Granite Worktops vs. Quartz Worktops

Granite WorktopsAre you planning to get new worktops installed in your recently refurbished kitchen and are confused about whether you should opt for granite or quartz for the worktops? Well, if your answer is in the affirmative then you need to know that both quartz and granite are widely used for kitchen countertops but which one is better is highly debatable. So, before you take your pick it is important that you compare both granite and quartz on a few parameters and then decide which one will work the best for you.

• Granite

A large number of homeowners opt for granite worktops for their kitchens. Granite has gained popularity as a kitchen worktop material because of its durability and hardness. Granite is usually resistant to acid, stains and it is very unlikely that your granite countertop will suffer from chips or scratches. Granite is known to be heat resistant as well. If you maintain your granite kitchen countertops well then they will last for years to come.

• Quartz

Quartz is also preferred by many homeowners for their kitchen countertops because they are stain resistant. However, unlike granite you do not need to apply any level of sealing to keep it from deteriorating. Quartz is also a non-porous material and this means that you will never have to worry about bacterial growth as far as your quartz kitchen countertop is concerned. The patterns of quartz are much more uniform than granite because the former is manmade. However, if the quartz worktop is overexposed to ultraviolet rays then it can suffer from minor deterioration.

• Comparing granite and quartz

Both granite and quartz come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Though both granite and quartz are hard materials, quartz is heavier.

The cost of both granite and quartz kitchen worktop is largely dependent on the size of the project.

PostHeaderIcon Energy Star Electrical Home Appliances

Energy Star Electrical Home AppliancesElectrical appliances used in homes have made life easier for the modern working women as it saves them time and energy too. As the cost of electricity has been hiked to such an extent, one may have to reduce the usage of these appliances in order to cut down expenses on the electricity bill. But now with new energy star appliances it saves them money too and it prevents consumers from making a hole in their pockets. This program was started way back in 1992, but now people are getting aware of these products and are opting for these appliances as they are not only energy savers but also environmental friendly, with the radical change in our climate it is most important.

Energy star appliances have proved to have used 10-50% less water and energy than other appliances. Appliances earning energy star ratings are the most energy efficient appliances in the market. These appliances have exceeded the minimum specifications created by the federal government because of their efficiency. Some state governments and local utilities set up rebate programs to reward consumers for choosing energy star appliances. Appliances with energy star ratings can also help in saving energy which in turn can give us a better environment. Energy Stars can be found in a variety of products such as:

• Home Theatres
• TVs
• Dishwashers
• Sound bars
• Refrigerators
• Cordless phones

A consumer’s consideration for the environment can make them feel good while they purchase products that are ENERGY STAR certified. Each DVD, TV and home theatre system purchased in a year can lead to the prevention of more than billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year which is equal to the emissions from more than 200,000 cars. Energy Star appliances are thus the best appliances for home makers.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tips on waterproofing your home

home care, waterproof homeIf your home is not waterproofed then there is a chance of your home getting damaged quite easily. The water leaks are very common and this leakage causes the walls to dampen and finally it destroys the wall. It is very essential to remove this water leakage by waterproofing your home. Here are the steps that you will need to waterproof your home.

• First you will need to find all the cracks present in the home. Basement of any home is the place from where water gets into the house easily. So you need to check the basement for the water leakage.
• After you have found out the cracks you can remove them using the concrete mixture. This will ensure that there are no more cracks in the house.
• After this you need to apply the waterproofing material on the walls. This will waterproof your home and will not allow any water to enter the house.
You can use these steps to waterproof the house and can also contact professionals if you need help.

PostHeaderIcon Installing Stair Rails

Install stair rails, stairsThe main intention of having stair rails is to avoid falls accidentally. The stair railings can be made by using wood, metals and cements. Metals like aluminum, iron, bronze, etc., are used in the making of stair rails. Most common stair rails are using aluminum metals. The wooden stair rail will look good and strong. It will provide the stylish look for the environment. Stair railing can be build by the carpenter or you can buy it from the stores. The important aspect of installing stair rails for safety purpose.

While installing there are a few steps to consider

First step is to find the appropriate position for the installation of railings.

Then make holes using driller.

Place the railing over the holes.

Put the bolts in the holes and screw it tightly.

After finishing it, check the strength and steadiness of the railings.

PostHeaderIcon Solar pool cover: why do you need one

Solar pool covers, pool coversIf you have a pool at home then getting a solar pool cover is a very good idea. The solar pool covers are usually made with clear or blur plastic and look quite similar bubble wraps. You might think that a normal plastic sheet will do the job for you but solar pool covers are durable and have its own set of benefits. And these benefits are the reasons why you should have a solar pool cover.

The biggest benefit of solar pool cover is it retains heat. This means that you will not need a separate heating system for the pool. Solar pool covers also saves water. To maintain optimum level in the pool you need to replace the water that has evaporated. With the help of a solar pool cover, the amount of water replacement can be reduced by at least 30%. Other benefits of solar pool cover include keeping the pool clean and reducing chemical consumption.

PostHeaderIcon Save money and add beauty with LED lighting

 LED lighting, home lightingToday we all want our home to look beautiful and tasteful. Modern couples are on the look out for anything new that will give their home décor a wow factor. Most however are discouraged at how much these fancy accessories cost. If you are looking for an economic and efficient solution for your home lighting then LED is the best choice for you.

• LED lighting is available in a vast option of colors and can be used effectively in every part of your house to get a beautiful effect.
• LED lighting consumes very less energy and is hence an economical solution to those who do not want to pay huge electricity bills.
• They can be used under your staircase to light up the passage and brighten up the area even when the rest of the house is in darkness.
• All you need to install them successfully is good ceiling fixtures.

PostHeaderIcon Mirror-Mirror on the Wall: Who is Trendiest of Them All?

Trendy mirrors, home decorMirrors have the capability to add a touch of elegance to your home. Mirrors are not just meant for the purpose of checking yourself out. Mirrors can be great decorative items as well. They add a shine and glamour to a room and if you buy the right kind of mirror for our apartment or house which suits the surroundings then that might even become the centre of attention. Some people prefer decorating their homes with just mirrors.

Decorate a complete wall with a fashionable mirror or two. Contemporary and traditional styles of mirrors, a set of mirrors with nice framework or a single vintage mirror on an intensely colored wall can look amazing in any house. You can get these mirrors in various shades but they look best in beige and light colors. You can get nice antique mirrors from flea markets and auctions or you can even do so online fro various auction sites.

PostHeaderIcon Maximize Your Space with Effective Décor Accessories

Home decor Accessories, home decorIf you live in a small space like an apartment or in a small room, then there are ways with which you can actually make the place look spacious and larger. The trick is to use the right kinds of accessories. Handcrafted accessories like beaded curtains, wall art decorations and even lamps are a great way to decorate the place. Choose small items like a pen stand or a table lamp so that you don’t make the place look smaller than it already is.

The trick also lies in the right kind of lighting. Have 1 or 2 bright lights at each corner of the room and also have at least one soothing night lamp to make the place look serene and blissful when you sleep. If you plan to put up a poster, then do so behind the door, so that the walls don’t look clogged. Never chose dark shades like purple or midnight blue for small spaces as they would look smaller.

PostHeaderIcon Spice up your kid’s room with glow in the dark fabric

Ideas for kid's room decoration, kid's roomAs times are changing, so are changing the concepts of decorating our homes. Day by day we are implementing the newer trends in home decorations to transform our homes into a pleasing place to look at. Decorating the rest of the house can be easy, but when decorating your kid’s room, you can face a lot of challenges in choosing the right theme to decorate the room with. Kids prefer to live in a separate world of imagination and so decorating their room according to their preferences can be quite challenging.

Generally kids prefer to decorate their rooms with toys and the characters of comic books that they like. They consider these characters to exist in reality and love to share their room with them. While decorating your kid’s room you can use glow in the dark fabric in making of the curtains, the bed sheets and in the pillows and cushion covers. The glow in the dark fabric will perfectly match with their imagination and make it more pleasing for them.

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