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PostHeaderIcon Getting rid of molds and mildew

molds and mildewMildew basically means the accumulation of fungi and molds and they usually grow on surfaces that are flat and wet. The most common place where you can find mildews in your house are showers, bathtubs, attic, curtains, window sills and leather sofas. Mildew is unsightly and emits bad odor. So, getting rid of molds and mildews is very important.

To get rid of the mildew effectively, you will have to make sure that you clean your bathroom properly. Vinegar is the best solution against molds and all you will have to do is sprinkle vinegar in the areas where molds have accumulated. If you see mildew on the floor of your bathroom, you can mop your floor with vinegar and water. Not only the bathroom, it is important to clean other parts of your bathroom as well, especially the kitchen. During the summer, try to use air conditioner. During the winters, use a dehumidifier.

PostHeaderIcon Plastering Your Walls

Wall plastering, wall careMany a times, it might so happen that people find themselves in a mess when they have cracks and wholes on their walls. Homes degrade and get damaged over time and it’s a natural process. There is nothing to be worried about as these kinds of repairs can be done all by the resident of the house. Wall plastering is a simple process given that you have the right materials, working tools and the instructions.

Mostly people tend to go for a 3 coated plastering workup for the repair of a hole or crack in such cases. First of all, make a mixture of industrial fiber, aggregate (cement based sand), lime or gypsum and water for the first rough coat. Then apply the brown coat after this which is put directly on the rough/scratch coat. After all this, apply the lime finish coat on the area. Pat it down with water and let the mixture dry properly. Apply a last coat of lime if needed.

PostHeaderIcon Lawn maintenance tips for your sweet home

Lawn maintenance tips , home careA beautiful and well maintained lawn accentuates the beauty of a home and if you have a lawn in front of your house, you have to make sure that you take care of it properly. Here are a few tips that will come in handy when it comes to maintaining your lawn.

The first thing you need to do is water the grass adequately. See that the grass in your lawn is watered on a daily basis. It will be great if you can water the grass in the morning but if that is not possible for you, you can do so in the evening. Secondly, the grass should be mowed regularly. Do not mow the grass too short. Thirdly, make sure that your lawn gets plenty of air and sunlight. If there are any trees or bushes that might hinder the maintenance of your lawn, you must trim them.

PostHeaderIcon Keeping your home warm during winters

Home care during winter, home care tipsWinter is a favorite season for those who love the chills every morning and love to hug their blankets at night. However winter can be tough and cruel at place where winter is quiet severe and people have to deal with some serious cold.

If your house gets too cold in winter then here are a few things that you can try out:

• Move away the curtains and open your window panes when the sun is out in the morning and let your home sun bathe, this not only warms but disinfects your house.

• If you do not have central heating system then install one before the winter sets this season and then heating the house wont be a problem any more.

• Want to escape from sky high electricity bills and keep your house warm at the same time, go for solar home heating system that works best in any season.

PostHeaderIcon An account on ozone air purifier

Ozone Air purifiers, home careOzone Air purifiers have been in news for quite some time. There seems to be a controversy regarding whether people should go for these Ozone air purifiers that claim to cleanse the air off dirt and dust particles and bad odor thereby making it easier for everyone, including asthma patients to breathe in fresh air.

However many disagree to the claims made by these companies. Ozone air purifiers release ozone into the air that takes care of bad odor and gives its users a false sense of satisfaction that the air has been cleaned. Inhaling this ozone from these ozone air purifiers can lead to serious health hazards and should be thoroughly avoided. It has been claimed more than once that these air purifies do more harm than good and do not clean the air in any way. Doctors all over the world have stated that people should not be fooled by these ozone air purifiers and people with asthma should not believe that the purifier does away with asthma attack causing agents found in air.

PostHeaderIcon How to repair your terracotta roof

Tips to repair terracotta roof, roof maintenanceGenerally we are limited to roofing materials, options that exist are metal, terracotta, lime and concretes. Restoration of roofs generally involves repairs and upgrading, but we can even make them earn us more through the same process. Repairs and fixation of leaks should be the prime concern, hiring professionals may ease the job and earn you good quality service and guarantee. You have options quite at large; they inspect the needs and quote a price accordingly.

The difference between terracotta and concrete are mild, with concrete you have colour option on the tiles, and otherwise the restoration job is same. The restoration job initiates with broken and cracked tiles being identified a replaced with new ones. The whole roof surface needs to be cleaned with high pressured water pipes, also get the damaged lead fixtures and fittings replaced. Repairs are to be checked before exposing the roof for air dry. It is advisable to get the gables and flashings hand painted instead for spray paints.

PostHeaderIcon How to care for your AC

Tips to maintain air conditioner, AC care tipsMost of us take air-conditioners for granted but these are complex systems. Care of the equipments need to be taken for the proper functioning and long lasting of the air-conditioner. If not switched for a long period of time the equipments of the AC might turns handicapped and not work when actually needed. Proper checking of the parts of the AC should be done periodically. Frisk for refrigerant leaks, electric control failures, ac filters, ac coils, oil fins, should be practised. Sealing and insulating the air ducts needs special attention. The proper flow of air taking place is imperative.

Regular check-ups of the happening of proper interchanging of air should be seen. These are small tips to be followed. However it is impossible and impractical for a lay man to check the AC. Hence, it is good to call the technician at regular intervals of time to check the AC parts and do the necessary changes immediately. This will ensure that no bombarding effect take place.

PostHeaderIcon How to maintain your hardwood stairs

Tips to maintain hardwood stairs, stairsAre you worrying about how to maintain hardwood stairs? Well then check this article and know about the simple procedures of maintaining hardwood stairs. First of all you should clean the stairs everyday with a broom and you should begin with the top of the stair. The all purpose soap and cleaners are really good for making the stairs clean and you can use them easily with water and wipe the mixture on to your stairs with a small piece of cloth.

Roller, sponge, mops are good with which you can clean the hardwood stairs and in this way you can keep them really clean and stain free. But after washing the stairs you must soak them and make them dry with sponge or damp rug otherwise moisture will cause harm to your hardwood stairs. You can clean your hardwood stairs with vacuum cleaners also, but make sure it’s a dry clean.

PostHeaderIcon Maintaining your fine wood furniture

Tips to maintain wood furniture, furnitureWooden furniture not only looks great and elegant but also creates a majestic and sophisticated air and aura if they are maintained well. Maintaining the wooden furniture involves a great deal of care and preservation. Few of the tips and tricks of how to deal with maintaining wooden furniture are as follows: if you see that a mark of burn exists in any of your wooden furniture then one should not panic but only should rub or stroke the position of the burn very softly with wool of superior quality steel wrapped up around your finger.

After you are done with the rubbing, you are supposed to make sure that the area is both polished and it is waxed. You ought to study the directions of the producer prior to cleaning up the wood. You should opt for a soft piece of cloth when you are removing the dust off the wood.

PostHeaderIcon Repair wall hole : DIY tips

Tips to repair wall hole, wall careA hole in the wall is a hindrance in the beauty of the room. This problem can be easily solved. All you need to do is to follow the DIY tips.

Firstly, you need to size it up as different sized holes need different material. For holes which are of the size of nails, fill up the hole with a snap of synthetic plywood patching compound and the work ends by sanding it down. For holes which are bigger than that put a piece of newspaper and then follow the above process. Holes of size of tennis ball must be filled with drywall and then the edges need to be blended well with the wall. For bigger holes, wall replacement is needed. Secondly, you need to have all the items ready at your hands as for example if you use a spackle and then forget about the sandpaper, the spackle will get dry and you cannot make in even later. However you need to put a backing behind the spackle or else the hole may sink in again.

Thirdly, you need to have the patience to complete the work as leaving the work half-done will only worsen the problem. Fourthly, do not forget to do the finishing touches that is properly sand it down which completes your activity perfectly.

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