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PostHeaderIcon Checklist before Renovating a Bathroom

Person Renovating a Bathroom

Renovating a Bathroom process by home onwer

Bathroom renovation it an interesting task. Fantasy of choosing branded tiles, colorful materials, and latest flooring options, it is advisable of preparing certain checklist before renovating your bathroom. There are certain less exciting stuffs to consider, that helps in turning your bathroom renovating project a success. Many a times, home owners think that renovating a bathroom is an overwhelming project and its true. Because it is time consuming and costly process. Preparing with simple tips of dealing with renovating your bathroom project, it is advisable of making a checklist. Checklist contains important factors that are helpful and offers a better grip on the project of renovating a bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom checklist:

  • Budget is the foremost step every home owner should focus on. If you don’t know already, you should work on the idea of how much amount you require while renovating a bathroom. Setting up a budget offers as a guide to make important decisions of remodel. It helps in knowing the stuffs you need and stuffs you don’t for the project.
  • Once you figure out what amount you will spend after deducting the amount of labor. You will have a clear idea about how much amount will be required to spend on materials, fixtures and floor tiles.
  • Many of the home owners assume that if they are renovating a small bathroom, less time would be consumed and for huge bathroom more time. But it is not true. Depending on how many items you have changed or replaced in your bathroom, it decides what exact time you will need.
  • Planning is not only decided on the budget or materials required in renovating your bathroom but it also includes one of the important factors i.e. time. Planning also includes certain intermediaries such as time consumed for ordering the fixtures and materials, flooring materials and bathroom cabinets and vanity.
  • Planning the time proves crucial for the home owners having only single bathroom. Because unless the bathroom is renovating, you might not be able to use it. It is advisable of installing a portable bathroom at your home. It is helpful unless the process of renovating a bathroom is not completed.
  • Prepare a work sequence for better results. Completing the job of renovating a bathroom in a specific sequence helps to save your money as well as time. Whether you are simply renovating or replacing some parts of the bathroom or just repainting the walls, start from the top surface and move towards end for accurate outcomes.
  • Decide the style and functionalities suitable in your bathroom. If any design is not suitable to your bathroom, it is not a worth of installing it. Start by thinking look what your bathroom requires. Many factors should be considered like vanities, shower, curtains, floor tiles, paint, faucets, and tubs. It might sound an overwhelming process but yes you need to focus on the scenario of renovating your bathroom.
  • Design of the bathroom should be such that helps to be handy and optimum use of it can take place.

PostHeaderIcon Tips To Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning bathroomWhich part of the house is such which you like to clean least? Bathroom is such a place in your house which is used the most and hence you don’t like to clean your bathroom. While cleaning your bathroom you have to clean lots of things like faucet, showers, floor, bath tub, toilet and basins and thus it becomes very tiring job. Cleaning your bathroom is a very much time consuming and hardworking job. Cleaning your bathroom involves some tricks and techniques, if followed them you will be able to clean your bathroom efficiently with ease and best results. Here are some tips to clean your bathroom.


  • Remove all things from their usual place

For getting the most efficient results, you must remove all your stuff from the bathroom as you start with the work of cleaning your bathroom. Take of all the products from your bath tub or shower. Also take out all the used towels and clothes hanging in your bathroom. Also take rugs or any trash cans or any of the items from the counters. Don’t forget any of the products like soap, shampoo, body wash or any other such thing in the bathroom.

  • Dust and sweep

Get all the dust out of your bathroom. Take a brush and sweep it in all the corners of your bathroom. If you can’t reach any of the corners then take ladder climb it and then try to clean dust stuck in there. Clean all your light fixtures and vents. Once you are done with cleaning corners and lights, sweep the floors or even vacuum the floors. Take all the hairs and other debris if you find any on the floor. This is very essential to clean the floor accurately for getting the best results of cleaning your bathroom.

  • Use cleaner to clean shower and bathtub

If you have all purpose cleaner then you can use the same to clean your bathtub and shower. If bathtub and shower is normally dirty then this cleaner will be fine but it is extremely dirty and have certain built up on them then it is advisable to use acid based cleaner to remove the built up.

  • Clean other surfaces

Spray your all-purpose cleaner on the other parts of your bathroom and clean them with a sponge or a damp cloth. Clean the towel rack, doors, blinds, windowsills and shelves. Also clean the faucets and basins. Cover all the surfaces from left to right or from top to bottom.

  • Clean the floor with solution

After all the surfaces are cleaned along with bathtub and shower, now it’s the time for floor to be cleaned. Make a cleaning solution for your floor. Take a bucket of water and if possible hot water and mix the cleaning solution with it. Clean your bathroom floor with that solution. After that, clean your bathroom floor again with clean water. Here there is end to the process of cleaning your bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Marble Tiles For Your Bathroom And Kitchen

Bathroom And KitchenIf you are planning to make your bathroom and your kitchen floors look beautiful and elegant then the best option would be to use marble tiles. Marble tiles always look classy wherever you put them and your kitchen and bathroom floors are no different. You may find various other designing options but when it comes to floors it is a wise idea to choose marble tiles. Apart from the elegance and class there are various other reasons why you can choose marble tiles for your bathroom and kitchen. Following are some of the reasons given in brief for you to understand in a better manner:

• First and foremost there are too many designs that you can choose from. Marble tiles’ design is like an ocean. There are natural colors design, customized patterns and various other things. This will give you an opportunity to choose according to the color of the walls in your house and also buy according to the contrast.
• Secondly marble tiles are easier to clean than any other material. Also the chances of dust sticking to it are very less. If you are fitting marble tiles in the kitchen floor then you would expect it to get discolored but that is not the case. One wipe from a wet cloth will take all the dust particles away and it will look like new again.
• Thirdly and most importantly since marble floors are so popular in the market that is why the manufacturers have selected a comparatively low price for them. If you have any doubt then you can check the price of a normal tile with that of a marble tile and you will understand the difference. Also if you buy them online the price will be much lower than what you though it might be.

PostHeaderIcon Designer shower curtains for a luxurious bath

Designer shower curtains, bathroom decorThe bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. Earlier, men sued to have entire caves to themselves. They would have no complaints regarding their personal space. However, with time, the personal space has shrunk and the only place where a man can enjoy the bliss of solitude is the bathroom.

Therefore, it is important that bathroom is decorated in the best way. One of the most important aspects of the bathroom décor is the shower curtains. There are a lot of options when it comes to the different designs and textures of the shower curtains. You can even get them custom built if you want. Make sure you choose a color and design that would suit the overall décor of your bathroom. The right shower curtain can make the look if your bathroom while the wrong one can entirely ruin the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

PostHeaderIcon Bathroom lighting essentials

Bathroom lighting, bathroom decorBathroom is one of the most important and vital functioning area of any house as it is often visited. Properly designing your bathroom is very vital as it can potentially increase the value of your property.

Nowadays most of the new established bathrooms have a contemporary feel to it. This consists of a minimalist, gleaming feel with a spacious design and curvaceous ceramics in white. Contemporary floored bathrooms tend to be very spacious and bright with reflection of light from the flooring and bright ceramics. Here the lighting plays an essential role in creating the feel of the bathroom. It not only illuminates but also creates a character in the bathroom. Task lighting in the bathroom is mostly given priority. A bathroom should be well illuminated for the safety of the person using it as we want to avoid accidents during shaving or getting slipped in the wet bathroom floor.

PostHeaderIcon Designer shower curtains for your classy bathroom

Designer shower curtains, bathroom decorAre you planning to give your bathroom a completely new and advanced look? Well then using designer shower curtain can prove really worthwhile as they can alter the old, shabby look of your bathroom. The demand of designer shower curtains are increasing in the global market as they are available in custom made sizes.

Sari range designer shower curtains are excellent choice for your urban bathroom as they are available in bright colors, also you can try the while fabric curtains with gold frame prints on it. Checked shower curtains are available in white and black combination that can give your bathroom a ravishing look.

Moreover, beat and bamboo, botanical white, and green, silver such designs are also famous in designer shower curtains. Budhha, bubbles, different country maps are often printed on designer shower curtains. You can purchase them online if you order through websites and their range generally start from $80 to $100.

PostHeaderIcon Kids shower curtains

Kids shower curtains, shower curtainsMost kids dread the idea of brushing teeth or taking a bath in the bathroom. They love to play out and jump around the pool, but absolutely dislike the idea of taking a shower in the bathroom. Make the bathroom attractive and bathing a fun thing for the kids with shower curtains. Kids love cartoon characters, colors and effervescence. Choose according to your child’s nature and likings.

Movie characters like cars and Bob the builder, Barbie and Winnie the Pooh and even pirates can be seen on the shower curtains. Kids love anything related to the sea, so shower curtains featuring Little Mermaid, Nemo, simple colorful fishes and oceanic themes are great options too. For a little older kids like teenagers, clouds, beaches, or any kind of sporty curtains are perfect. Little girls love butterflies and little boys love cars, from this general idea, give your little one a new bathing experience.

PostHeaderIcon An account on shower curtain hooks

Shower curtain hooks, bathroom accessoriesShower curtains are attached to rods with the help of shower curtain hooks. While bathroom decorating, the importance of shower curtain hooks are often an overlooked aspect. As there are varieties of shower curtain hooks available in the market, you can buy shower curtain hooks to go with the shower curtain style.

Shower curtain hooks are made from different materials such as brass, silver, plastic, glass, copper and in a rainbow of colors. They are found in variety of styles as well like distressed heart-shaped, gleaming chrome, nature and floral designs, hand painted and multi-colored, animal themed hooks and for children shower curtain hooks are available in popular comic characters like, Nemo, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, Ariel and Mickey Mouse. Generally shower curtain hooks are found in packs of twelve. The price range of shower curtain hooks varies depending on the material and design. These can be found in any bedding stores, department stores and home improvement store.

PostHeaderIcon How to do up a narrow bathroom

Bathroom decoration tips, bathroomThe bathroom can either make or break the entire reputation of the house and hence it is essential that it is properly maintained. The bathrooms are generally the smallest of all the rooms in the house and hence have a tendency of looking claustrophobic but with a few tips and tricks, even the narrowest of the bathrooms can be made to look spacious. All it requires is a bit of imagination and creativity.

One must ensure that the bathroom has cabinets all around the wall to place all the extra bottles of oil and shampoos and also the soap containers and shaving kit to make the bathroom look cleaner. Also the bath fittings must be chosen in accordance to the shape of the bathroom. In a narrow bathroom, a bath tub is a no-no and also one can choose the colors of the wall in a lighter shade to ensure that the bathroom looks bigger than it actually is.

PostHeaderIcon Bathroom furniture: Things to keep in mind

Bathroom furniture, bathroomDo you want to get some fabulous furniture for your bathroom? Well then go through this article minutely and know about the best furniture that you can install in your bathroom. You can install bathroom vanities in your bathroom and that too keep your budget very low. You should install a sink in your bathroom, sinks are of different colors and they are available in the markets in different shapes and sizes. Keeping a linen tower in the bathroom should another important idea where you can keep your towels and other items. In order to keep your bathroom a non clustered one you should take a few initiatives. You should get those cabinets that save space and can be used for keeping a number of articles. Keeping a hamper in your bathroom is another must do thing that will really help your bathroom to remain dirt free all the time.

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