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Home painting ideasWhen it comes to painting your house the first thing that comes to mind is the color. Although neutral colors are often best for a house but the painting idea can be different. The important part is detailing which matters the most. If you hire a professional painter he would come up with some innovative ideas to paint the house which will amaze. Given below are some unique home painting ideas:

• The kid’s room can be painted in the traditional pink or in blue depending on whether it is a girl or a boy. But that is a cliché now. Some of the recent trends are drawing planes, cars, and cartoon characters to make the room more lively and unique for the kids. Drawing numbers or alphabets or geometric figures will also work.

• Faux painting is another unique idea to paint your house. Solid colors may look dull after a few months or years but faux painting gives a luxurious look to the house and makes sure it remains unique for a long time. Venetian plaster, suede, denim or stone imitations are some of the materials which are used in faux painting.

• Black accent walls are often considered to be daunting and uninviting but people do not understand that if a single wall of the room is colored in black then it helps to bring out the other objects in the room more clearly. This concept was introduced recently and it helps to brighten the room in one way and not darken it.

• Painting your house or part of the house using a single color often seems dull. So if two colors are used it would look more lively. Splitting the top and bottom part and coloring them in two different shades will look really good. For the lower half it is always wise to choose a dark color.

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