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Energy Star Electrical Home AppliancesElectrical appliances used in homes have made life easier for the modern working women as it saves them time and energy too. As the cost of electricity has been hiked to such an extent, one may have to reduce the usage of these appliances in order to cut down expenses on the electricity bill. But now with new energy star appliances it saves them money too and it prevents consumers from making a hole in their pockets. This program was started way back in 1992, but now people are getting aware of these products and are opting for these appliances as they are not only energy savers but also environmental friendly, with the radical change in our climate it is most important.

Energy star appliances have proved to have used 10-50% less water and energy than other appliances. Appliances earning energy star ratings are the most energy efficient appliances in the market. These appliances have exceeded the minimum specifications created by the federal government because of their efficiency. Some state governments and local utilities set up rebate programs to reward consumers for choosing energy star appliances. Appliances with energy star ratings can also help in saving energy which in turn can give us a better environment. Energy Stars can be found in a variety of products such as:

• Home Theatres
• TVs
• Dishwashers
• Sound bars
• Refrigerators
• Cordless phones

A consumer’s consideration for the environment can make them feel good while they purchase products that are ENERGY STAR certified. Each DVD, TV and home theatre system purchased in a year can lead to the prevention of more than billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions each year which is equal to the emissions from more than 200,000 cars. Energy Star appliances are thus the best appliances for home makers.

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