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PostHeaderIcon Use dolls to decorate your home beautifully

dolls to decorate your homeDo you want to do something unique for your home décor? Well, if you do then opt for homemade dolls. Homemade dolls will add life and color to your décor and at the same time are whimsy as well. You can use the homemade dolls as the focal points of your décor or as accents; this will depend on how you want to display them. Dolls will add an element of interest to your home décor and be it rag dolls, clowns, baby dolls or doll of any other kind, you can be rest assured that they will make your home look beautiful.

If you are using the dolls as the central point of the décor of a room, then you should use dolls which will add a lot of color. If your wallpaper or curtains have thin blue stripes, then you can use dolls in the same shade of blue to decorate your room. If you love floral prints and have used floral wallpapers in your rooms, then you can opt for dolls that have hats with flower brims or dolls which are carrying a basket of flowers. If you want to add a quotient of drama in the décor then you can have big dolls in color that are in contrast to the walls and upholstery on the room.

If you want to use dolls as accents, then you can use them as covers. Cover dolls usually have a wooden base that supports the torso and instead of legs they have bell skirts. So, if you are using the doll for a toaster, the wooden base will be on the top of the toaster and the flaring bell skirt will cover the toaster. You can use these dolls to cover the things in the house which you think will cause a distraction for the décor when not in use.

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