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PostHeaderIcon Decking up your home for the upcoming Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving Party home decorAre you planning to host a gala Thanksgiving party in your home like every year? That’s great as Thanksgiving is the time of festivity and celebration which is best manifested through a great Thanksgiving party. However, if you are to host the party in your house you must ensure a good party décor to present an inviting ambience for the guests. The article here is a brief on the tips to decorate your home for the much awaited Thanksgiving party this year.

First of all, you can start with a fresh coat of paint if your house has not been painted for long. The right colors here would be orange, tan and butterscotch. A hint of green here and there would make the rooms livelier. Thanksgiving falls on autumn which remarks vibrancy and hence the same bright touch should be reflected in your party décor. Cornucopia is a hallmark symbol of Thanksgiving and no part décor for the festival would be complete without the touch of ‘nature’s bounty”. You can place cornucopia on your window sills or center table or in the entryway.

Get flowers for a fresh and fragrant feel in your house. You must also count on aromatic candles here. In fact, the aromatic candles will be wonderful to light up your living room- the place where you mean to entertain your Thanksgiving party guests. Then, gourd is another hallmark symbol of Thanksgiving which must get a special mention in your home during this festive season. If you are not placing the cornucopia on your dining table, a fresh gourd would be good to fill up the place. However, some people love to deck up the table center with a steaming turkey. In that case, you can go for small gourd figurines and have them to adorn your shelves.

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