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PostHeaderIcon Getting rid of molds and mildew

molds and mildewMildew basically means the accumulation of fungi and molds and they usually grow on surfaces that are flat and wet. The most common place where you can find mildews in your house are showers, bathtubs, attic, curtains, window sills and leather sofas. Mildew is unsightly and emits bad odor. So, getting rid of molds and mildews is very important.

To get rid of the mildew effectively, you will have to make sure that you clean your bathroom properly. Vinegar is the best solution against molds and all you will have to do is sprinkle vinegar in the areas where molds have accumulated. If you see mildew on the floor of your bathroom, you can mop your floor with vinegar and water. Not only the bathroom, it is important to clean other parts of your bathroom as well, especially the kitchen. During the summer, try to use air conditioner. During the winters, use a dehumidifier.

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