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PostHeaderIcon Mistakes to avoid while painting doors and windows

Home painting, home decorAre you looking for painting doors and windows? Are you worried about how to start with this job or how to do it without any mistakes? There are few things which if you follow properly, and then you can very easily avoid all types of mistakes regarding the painting of the doors and windows.

Prior to the painting of the windows and the doors, make sure that the doors and windows are scrubbed well with the sand paper. This will smooth out all types of deformations on the surface of the windows and the doors. It will also remove all types of dirt as well as the remnants of the paints applied earlier.

Now while painting, use the perfect type of brush for the purpose. Apply the paint uniformly over the whole surface of the doors and windows. Otherwise the color will appear to be intense in certain part and lighter in the other parts.

PostHeaderIcon Decorating a Purple Living Room

living room decor, home decorColoring is one important thing when it comes to decorate our rooms. Purple is one of the bright color s and many of us choose purple color for our living rooms. Purple stands for power or royalty. Purple is related with prosperity. Purple also communicates desire and romance. It signifies magic and mystery. Now-a-days, many people go for purple living rooms.

Purple color makes our room look larger. We spend a lot of time in our living rooms. We sit and relax or enjoy conversations with our friends, watch televisions, play games etc. So the living room should be decorated properly and it should always be kept clutter free. You can use wall shelves against the purple color. Decorative show pieces as well as photo frames can be kept there. You can spread a carpet over the floor area. The furniture items should not be too large. Those should be handy.

PostHeaderIcon Pros of Oil Based Paint

oil paints, paintsOil based paint is widely used in many sectors because it’s hard, easy to apply and pretty durable as well. Cabinets, wooden surfaces, bathrooms, doors and kitchens are mostly the places where people use oil based paints. You should be able to understand the advantages of oil based paints over latex paints so that you know when to use which.

The one thing about oil based paints is that they take a longer time to dry up which means that they give a glossier and smoother finish. So this disadvantage actually turns out to be an advantage. It’s easier to clean oil based painted surfaces because they are more durable. The texture which is acquired through oil based paint is warmer and they have better depth and look than the texture of latex paints. If you run your hand over the two types of painted surfaces, you will be able to understand and feel the difference in quality yourself.

PostHeaderIcon Decor accessories for Christmas

Christmas Decor, home decorChristmas brings you happiness and unity in your home. During Christmas, all of the family members will join together to do the decorations. In a hurry world, these situations are very rare. So do not miss it. Lots of decorative accessories are available in the market for Christmas. Based on your budget, you can purchase it.

• Garlands are the main accessory for decorating.
• Pine cones give more beauty to the Christmas tree. Dipping the pine cone in the gold paint makes it more beautiful.
• Adding a blanket to your living room, will give a comfort feeling for the guests.
• Place some snow under the Christmas tree makes it more natural
• Natural or artificial flowers with soft toys will make the home attractive.
• In decorating the Christmas tree, Lights and glowing stars play the main role.
• Gift articles are important accessories for Christmas.
• Hanging stars will show that the Christmas is near.

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