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PostHeaderIcon Plastering Your Walls

Wall plastering, wall careMany a times, it might so happen that people find themselves in a mess when they have cracks and wholes on their walls. Homes degrade and get damaged over time and it’s a natural process. There is nothing to be worried about as these kinds of repairs can be done all by the resident of the house. Wall plastering is a simple process given that you have the right materials, working tools and the instructions.

Mostly people tend to go for a 3 coated plastering workup for the repair of a hole or crack in such cases. First of all, make a mixture of industrial fiber, aggregate (cement based sand), lime or gypsum and water for the first rough coat. Then apply the brown coat after this which is put directly on the rough/scratch coat. After all this, apply the lime finish coat on the area. Pat it down with water and let the mixture dry properly. Apply a last coat of lime if needed.

PostHeaderIcon Installing Stair Rails

Install stair rails, stairsThe main intention of having stair rails is to avoid falls accidentally. The stair railings can be made by using wood, metals and cements. Metals like aluminum, iron, bronze, etc., are used in the making of stair rails. Most common stair rails are using aluminum metals. The wooden stair rail will look good and strong. It will provide the stylish look for the environment. Stair railing can be build by the carpenter or you can buy it from the stores. The important aspect of installing stair rails for safety purpose.

While installing there are a few steps to consider

First step is to find the appropriate position for the installation of railings.

Then make holes using driller.

Place the railing over the holes.

Put the bolts in the holes and screw it tightly.

After finishing it, check the strength and steadiness of the railings.

PostHeaderIcon Lawn maintenance tips for your sweet home

Lawn maintenance tips , home careA beautiful and well maintained lawn accentuates the beauty of a home and if you have a lawn in front of your house, you have to make sure that you take care of it properly. Here are a few tips that will come in handy when it comes to maintaining your lawn.

The first thing you need to do is water the grass adequately. See that the grass in your lawn is watered on a daily basis. It will be great if you can water the grass in the morning but if that is not possible for you, you can do so in the evening. Secondly, the grass should be mowed regularly. Do not mow the grass too short. Thirdly, make sure that your lawn gets plenty of air and sunlight. If there are any trees or bushes that might hinder the maintenance of your lawn, you must trim them.

PostHeaderIcon Add a pool deck for added grandeur

pool deck, home decorHaving deck in your house can be a great idea. It can be the perfect place to hang out and you will be able to spend some quality time with your family as well as your friends. Therefore, this is a place for ultimate relaxation.

With the addition of a pool to this structure, it will be like an amusement park right inside the house. It will be such a fun environment that you would not want to leave your this part of the house. It will be the perfect party spot in your house. It does not matter if you are not a party person as you will be able to have a great time relaxing in the pool with glass of wine on one hand and your favorite book on the other hand on the deck, under the sun. Therefore, if you want to experience such a luxury, you need to get a pool deck.

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