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PostHeaderIcon Save money and add beauty with LED lighting

 LED lighting, home lightingToday we all want our home to look beautiful and tasteful. Modern couples are on the look out for anything new that will give their home décor a wow factor. Most however are discouraged at how much these fancy accessories cost. If you are looking for an economic and efficient solution for your home lighting then LED is the best choice for you.

• LED lighting is available in a vast option of colors and can be used effectively in every part of your house to get a beautiful effect.
• LED lighting consumes very less energy and is hence an economical solution to those who do not want to pay huge electricity bills.
• They can be used under your staircase to light up the passage and brighten up the area even when the rest of the house is in darkness.
• All you need to install them successfully is good ceiling fixtures.

PostHeaderIcon How to harmonize your décor with the right décor accessories

Home decor accessories, home decorDecorating your home must be the most important thing on your mind when you own a nice house. Interior decoration is a detailed work. Right accents should be implemented to get the best features appear the best. Only painting the home with bright colors is not sufficient, a home décor should be accessorized properly to reflect your personality and choice. Elegant pieces of furniture, antique décor items, a wall featuring a painting or a large framed mirror, comfortable couches and sofas, a nice wall clock, shelves stuffed with unique decorative items are all accessories usually used in a home. Big rooms should be painted to accentuate the spacious feel whereas smaller rooms may appear even smaller with dark colors.

Consulting a professional interior designer is an option for those facing difficulty with the array of choices. Home magazines and online pages could also be of generous help to figure out the right accessory for your home.

PostHeaderIcon Bathroom lighting essentials

Bathroom lighting, bathroom decorBathroom is one of the most important and vital functioning area of any house as it is often visited. Properly designing your bathroom is very vital as it can potentially increase the value of your property.

Nowadays most of the new established bathrooms have a contemporary feel to it. This consists of a minimalist, gleaming feel with a spacious design and curvaceous ceramics in white. Contemporary floored bathrooms tend to be very spacious and bright with reflection of light from the flooring and bright ceramics. Here the lighting plays an essential role in creating the feel of the bathroom. It not only illuminates but also creates a character in the bathroom. Task lighting in the bathroom is mostly given priority. A bathroom should be well illuminated for the safety of the person using it as we want to avoid accidents during shaving or getting slipped in the wet bathroom floor.

PostHeaderIcon Mirror-Mirror on the Wall: Who is Trendiest of Them All?

Trendy mirrors, home decorMirrors have the capability to add a touch of elegance to your home. Mirrors are not just meant for the purpose of checking yourself out. Mirrors can be great decorative items as well. They add a shine and glamour to a room and if you buy the right kind of mirror for our apartment or house which suits the surroundings then that might even become the centre of attention. Some people prefer decorating their homes with just mirrors.

Decorate a complete wall with a fashionable mirror or two. Contemporary and traditional styles of mirrors, a set of mirrors with nice framework or a single vintage mirror on an intensely colored wall can look amazing in any house. You can get these mirrors in various shades but they look best in beige and light colors. You can get nice antique mirrors from flea markets and auctions or you can even do so online fro various auction sites.

PostHeaderIcon Give your kid’s room an Angry Bird inspired décor

Kid's room decor, home decor ideasAngry bird games have become very popular these days. People of all ages love these games and there are several merchandize and themes related to angry birds in the market these days. If your kid is an angry bird lover, now you can give his or her room a makeover with an angry bird inspired décor.

What you can do is color the room in a nice blue tinge with the basic angry bird background of blue skies and green lands. Then you can go for some wall art and paint them on the wall. You can make use of all the characters of the one bird or pig which your kid likes. You can have angry bird themed curtains and bedsheets as well to complete the loom. A welcome mat with a particular bird’s or pig’s face on it would look good too.

PostHeaderIcon Maximize Your Space with Effective Décor Accessories

Home decor Accessories, home decorIf you live in a small space like an apartment or in a small room, then there are ways with which you can actually make the place look spacious and larger. The trick is to use the right kinds of accessories. Handcrafted accessories like beaded curtains, wall art decorations and even lamps are a great way to decorate the place. Choose small items like a pen stand or a table lamp so that you don’t make the place look smaller than it already is.

The trick also lies in the right kind of lighting. Have 1 or 2 bright lights at each corner of the room and also have at least one soothing night lamp to make the place look serene and blissful when you sleep. If you plan to put up a poster, then do so behind the door, so that the walls don’t look clogged. Never chose dark shades like purple or midnight blue for small spaces as they would look smaller.

PostHeaderIcon Designer shower curtains for your classy bathroom

Designer shower curtains, bathroom decorAre you planning to give your bathroom a completely new and advanced look? Well then using designer shower curtain can prove really worthwhile as they can alter the old, shabby look of your bathroom. The demand of designer shower curtains are increasing in the global market as they are available in custom made sizes.

Sari range designer shower curtains are excellent choice for your urban bathroom as they are available in bright colors, also you can try the while fabric curtains with gold frame prints on it. Checked shower curtains are available in white and black combination that can give your bathroom a ravishing look.

Moreover, beat and bamboo, botanical white, and green, silver such designs are also famous in designer shower curtains. Budhha, bubbles, different country maps are often printed on designer shower curtains. You can purchase them online if you order through websites and their range generally start from $80 to $100.

PostHeaderIcon Spice up your kid’s room with glow in the dark fabric

Ideas for kid's room decoration, kid's roomAs times are changing, so are changing the concepts of decorating our homes. Day by day we are implementing the newer trends in home decorations to transform our homes into a pleasing place to look at. Decorating the rest of the house can be easy, but when decorating your kid’s room, you can face a lot of challenges in choosing the right theme to decorate the room with. Kids prefer to live in a separate world of imagination and so decorating their room according to their preferences can be quite challenging.

Generally kids prefer to decorate their rooms with toys and the characters of comic books that they like. They consider these characters to exist in reality and love to share their room with them. While decorating your kid’s room you can use glow in the dark fabric in making of the curtains, the bed sheets and in the pillows and cushion covers. The glow in the dark fabric will perfectly match with their imagination and make it more pleasing for them.

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