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PostHeaderIcon Ceiling fan lights: jazz up your home décor

Ceiling fan lights, home decor ideasWith the concept of home decoration evolving from day to day, a lot of new concepts are coming up which can redefine the decoration your home and make it even more pleasing for the eyes. One of such evolved home decoration concepts involves the use of ceiling fan lights. Ceiling fan lights are usually lights that are installed in the middle of a ceiling fan. Ceiling fan lights are now being used in many homes and offices alike and with the addition of providing light to the room and eliminating the requirement of installing any other extra light, it also makes the room a pleasing place to reside in.

If you would like to install ceiling fan lights in your house, then you should keep certain things in mind. You should do a market research of the designs of ceiling fan lights available recently and choose the one that suits your preferences. You can also add the provision of using remote control to it.

PostHeaderIcon What kind of couch to pick if you have a narrow living room

Tips to select couch , living room furnitureNot everyone’s home is set on an estate. If you live in an apartment or a house where the living room is small or narrow then you should plan your furniture accordingly. Picking up a comfortable couch for your living room even in a small room is possible. You just need to look in the right places. You can type in the size of the couch and look online. Online auctions are great places to get good furniture, even vintage ones.

When you think about placing the couch, make enough space behind it and as well as in front. If you wish to place the couch against a wall, then keep minimum space behind to clean it out once in a while. There also should be enough space in front for a small coffee table or a rug. Make sure that the place doesn’t look dingy and congested. Use your imagination and be clean and creative.

PostHeaderIcon Kids shower curtains

Kids shower curtains, shower curtainsMost kids dread the idea of brushing teeth or taking a bath in the bathroom. They love to play out and jump around the pool, but absolutely dislike the idea of taking a shower in the bathroom. Make the bathroom attractive and bathing a fun thing for the kids with shower curtains. Kids love cartoon characters, colors and effervescence. Choose according to your child’s nature and likings.

Movie characters like cars and Bob the builder, Barbie and Winnie the Pooh and even pirates can be seen on the shower curtains. Kids love anything related to the sea, so shower curtains featuring Little Mermaid, Nemo, simple colorful fishes and oceanic themes are great options too. For a little older kids like teenagers, clouds, beaches, or any kind of sporty curtains are perfect. Little girls love butterflies and little boys love cars, from this general idea, give your little one a new bathing experience.

PostHeaderIcon Do up your guest room in an Amish style

Tips to decorate guest room, home decor tipsAn Amish style décor is very charming in a simple way. The guest room will be simple yet a cozy and a warm feeling will be generated in the room. The world has become very fast paced and so, the guests of your house will have a great time in your simple yet comfortable room. People decorate their homes with the most expensive furniture and decorative items but still fail to get that warm and fuzzy feeling in the house.

An Amish décor does not have to be expensive in order to be attractive and comfortable. Simple items like crafts can do wonders for the décor and they are inexpensive and easily available. These craft pieces are generally homemade and so they add a very personal touch to the décor of your room. As for the colors, you could go with green, blue or red as they are rich and trademark country color patterns.

PostHeaderIcon Screen room dividers: a fabulous accessory

Screen room dividers, room dividerWhenever one thinks about a room divider readily it comes to mind as an object used to section and divide rooms or houses. It may be used to divide a large living room into a sitting room and a kitchen. However the modern world has made it possible to use room dividers for various other purposes. Room dividers have also been seen to be a fabulous home decorating accessory. Modern room dividers are available in many colours, styles and patterns. In fact they can be used as slots for photos and also serve the purpose of shelving.

If you don’t need to divide a room you can used it as a decorating material like a headboard may be. A divider can simply be used to dress up a wall. This is a great idea in case of apartments where painting becomes a tedious task. One can also you a room divider to make important segments in the kitchen, like the cooking area and the vegetables cutting area etc. To add ambience to the room, a room divider is enough. One is not forced to use room dividers in the traditional way, one can readily use his or her imagination to do up the house.

PostHeaderIcon How to build a chicken coop

Build a chicken coop, materials for chicken coopBuilding a chicken coop is not as difficult as it sounds. With a few important tips and suggestions in hand you can easily construct a perfect chicken coop all by yourself. First of all, you need to make a basic design for your coop. Plan the design and appearance of your coop properly, deciding about the colors and various other aspects. Another thing to consider is to make it in a place where your neighbors don’t get disturbed with its presence.

You need to make the chicken coop sturdy and durable as there are many reasons why it can wear out easily. Since it will be out in the open, it will be exposed to sun, rain, dust etc. The chickens inside should be kept warm and comfortable at all time to make them healthy and productive. The wood which you use should be well laminated. Also make sure that the ventilation is proper inside the coop.

PostHeaderIcon An account on ozone air purifier

Ozone Air purifiers, home careOzone Air purifiers have been in news for quite some time. There seems to be a controversy regarding whether people should go for these Ozone air purifiers that claim to cleanse the air off dirt and dust particles and bad odor thereby making it easier for everyone, including asthma patients to breathe in fresh air.

However many disagree to the claims made by these companies. Ozone air purifiers release ozone into the air that takes care of bad odor and gives its users a false sense of satisfaction that the air has been cleaned. Inhaling this ozone from these ozone air purifiers can lead to serious health hazards and should be thoroughly avoided. It has been claimed more than once that these air purifies do more harm than good and do not clean the air in any way. Doctors all over the world have stated that people should not be fooled by these ozone air purifiers and people with asthma should not believe that the purifier does away with asthma attack causing agents found in air.

PostHeaderIcon Sink options for your kitchen

Steel kitchen sink, kitchen sinksPeople often wonder if there is any way to decorate the kitchen without using too many furniture or anything too bulky. Well, kitchen is already very crowded with utensils, refrigerator, various bottles and boxes etc. In today’s generation of modular kitchen, least amount of furniture is used and everything is in the form of wall unit. In such a situation, a stylish sink can elevate the beauty and appearance of the kitchen.

There are various options for kitchen sink. The sink should be capable of withstanding a lot of pressure as all the dishwashing and other tasks will be done right there. Steel sinks are most popular and these days they also come in a variety of designs and patterns. Oval, square and rectangle are some of the most popular shapes. You can also go for the transparent look ceramic sinks. These sinks also look wonderful and there wide range of colours are very attractive. If you can separate the dish washing area, then the glass looking sinks can be brought in. It not only looks stylish but also remains clean requiring less maintenance.

PostHeaderIcon How to care for your home during the monsoons

Monsoons bring delight and a rush of natural life to anyone. It is a pleasant season and most awaited one too. IHow to care for your home during the monsoonsf monsoon is approaching then it is advisable that you hire a professional to inspect your home if you want to ensure that the recurring problems are fixed. There are certain aspects that you need to look into if your planning to indulge into home care prior or during monsoons. Rains increase termite infestation, this why you must hire a professional to ensure that your home is termite free.

If there is a downspout that is leaking it should be fixed immediately. If you put camphor in the wooden closets or cupboards it will protect your clothes and keep the moisture away. You must ensure that your roof waterproofing has been done. If you have any carpets at your place, then they need to be vacuumed on a regular basis. The bathroom tile joints shall be sealed at all times. If you have hardwood floors they need to be protected from the moisture and should be waxed.

PostHeaderIcon How to repair your terracotta roof

Tips to repair terracotta roof, roof maintenanceGenerally we are limited to roofing materials, options that exist are metal, terracotta, lime and concretes. Restoration of roofs generally involves repairs and upgrading, but we can even make them earn us more through the same process. Repairs and fixation of leaks should be the prime concern, hiring professionals may ease the job and earn you good quality service and guarantee. You have options quite at large; they inspect the needs and quote a price accordingly.

The difference between terracotta and concrete are mild, with concrete you have colour option on the tiles, and otherwise the restoration job is same. The restoration job initiates with broken and cracked tiles being identified a replaced with new ones. The whole roof surface needs to be cleaned with high pressured water pipes, also get the damaged lead fixtures and fittings replaced. Repairs are to be checked before exposing the roof for air dry. It is advisable to get the gables and flashings hand painted instead for spray paints.

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