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PostHeaderIcon Learn to make a slipcover

Tips to make a slipcover, slipcover making tipsDo you want to know how to make a slipcover? Well then check this article very carefully and learn about the simple steps of making a slipcover. First of all you need to make a good measurement of the back, front and sides of the seat and before purchasing fabrics from market you need to write down all the measurements you made.

Then after purchasing the fabric you need to cover the seats with the fabric, make sure that you drape in certain manner so the entire seat gets covered up. Then start seaming the after pinching them with the fingers right at the edges of the furniture and keep on seaming them when you see two pieces of fabrics are overlapping with each other. After arranging the fabrics with pins you need to stitch them up according to the line you made with the help of a stitching machine.

PostHeaderIcon Entryway benches: A fantastic accessory for every home

Home decor furniture, furnitureDo you want to add a touch of style and dynamism to your home décor? If you do, then you can invest on an entryway bench. An indoor entryway bench is exquisite to say the least and there are a variety of styles that you can choose from. The entryway benches look extremely inviting to guests to walk into your home and there is absolutely no other better way of adding pizzazz in your home than getting the entryway bench.

You can choose a wooden entryway bench which will serve not only as a bench but also as a storage space. There are also some indoor entryway benches with high backs and hooks; therefore you can hang scarves and coats on them as well. Entryway benches are made with durable materials like hard wood, beech wood, veneers, oak finish and French maple. The entryway benches are therefore, a wonderful addition to your house and it will be great if you can purchase it.

PostHeaderIcon Decorate your hearth is a vintage way

Tips for home decoration, home decorDo you want to decorate your kitchen and rooms in a vintage style with brick hearth? Well then read this article very carefully and know about the easy procedures of doing your job. If you want to add a colonial theme in your home décor then you must go for vintage style hearth decorating ideas for your house.

Brick hearth can be used as one of the fundamental basis for your vintage style home décor as it alone can change the look of your house to a big extent, in the kitchen you can use sink which is kind of a farmhouse style and also you can increase the vintage look by using bronze fitting lighting fixtures and other articles to make your home look much vintage and colonial. You can use light shades in all over your house in order to flaunt a look of the early 80s or 90s.

PostHeaderIcon Repair wall hole : DIY tips

Tips to repair wall hole, wall careA hole in the wall is a hindrance in the beauty of the room. This problem can be easily solved. All you need to do is to follow the DIY tips.

Firstly, you need to size it up as different sized holes need different material. For holes which are of the size of nails, fill up the hole with a snap of synthetic plywood patching compound and the work ends by sanding it down. For holes which are bigger than that put a piece of newspaper and then follow the above process. Holes of size of tennis ball must be filled with drywall and then the edges need to be blended well with the wall. For bigger holes, wall replacement is needed. Secondly, you need to have all the items ready at your hands as for example if you use a spackle and then forget about the sandpaper, the spackle will get dry and you cannot make in even later. However you need to put a backing behind the spackle or else the hole may sink in again.

Thirdly, you need to have the patience to complete the work as leaving the work half-done will only worsen the problem. Fourthly, do not forget to do the finishing touches that is properly sand it down which completes your activity perfectly.

PostHeaderIcon DIY tips for repairing a hole in a wall

Tips to repair wall hole, wall careIf one has a house then they might be required to do some maintenance work on their own too. It might not be possible or affordable to call a professional every time some small thing happens in the household. Thus, one has to pick up the right tools and get to work for small repairing jobs in their house.

Repairing a hole in the hole in the wall may seem like a big job but it need not be so. It completely depends on the size of the hole. A small hole may just need a patch up with synthetic material while a big hole might even need replacements. The first thing to do is to find out about the problem in details and then get the right tools to do so. One must follow the steps in a calm and cool manner for that perfect job.

PostHeaderIcon An account on strapping a ceiling

Tips to strapping a ceiling, install false ceilingIf you are thinking to apply a drywall or putting on a false ceiling then strapping your ceiling is quite an essential part of the procedure. It is necessary to take care of your ceiling before you go for a false ceiling. This task of yours is solved by the strapping technique. It prevents the wall from getting cracked that may occur in the long run. These straps hold on your ceiling together and protect it from the entire problem that it would be facing.

The strapping generally consists of nailing the boards perpendicularly to the ceiling. These boards are nailed so that each dry wall has a grip of at least two different straps. While strapping you should really be careful of the placement to be done in the ceiling. The distance matters the most while strapping is done. You can get these straps easily in any home improvement shops. Buy them and save your ceiling from getting cracked in the future as prevention is better than cure.

PostHeaderIcon White bar stools for added chic

White bar stools, bar stoolsBar stools have always been the most preferred form of seating at the bar counters in almost every pub nowadays. The bar tools represent an elegance of their own which is most sought after by all the rich clients who frequent the bars and it also helps in increasing their popularity and TRP. Even when choosing a bar stool for a home cellar or bar counter, elegance is given first importance and one of the most sought after colors for elegance is white.

The color white represents purity and class personified. The elegance radiated from the color white is second to none and most of the bars even prefer the color white over other popular colors such as black as it gives a feel of elegance that no other color can provide. The color white also goes well with most interior decorations as it is a base color and is hence preferred by most of the pub owners when they select a bar stool.

PostHeaderIcon A guide to wood stove inserts

Benefits of using wood stove inserts, wood stove insertsWood stove inserts are very economic and efficient. There are a lot of benefits of using wood stove inserts. It is very easy to keep the front glass clean because they usually have a system of air wash. You can view the fire all the time. You will not have to open the door for looking at the fire and there will no requirement of adding extra wood. When you have a consistent smoke burning, you will be able to keep the chimney safe and clean.

A lot of expenses over your chimney could be saved. There are some stoves, which have a shield on the backward sides. This will serve the purpose of the expensive protections of the wall and you will be able to save some money on that as well. They are also very effective when it comes to leakage prevention of the gases. Therefore, wood stove inserts can be a very wise choice.

PostHeaderIcon Advantage of corner kitchen sink

Corner kitchen sink, kitchen sinksA kitchen sink is not a seldom visited place but the most attended place of the kitchen. It is a place to host a number of activities such as cleaning dishes, washing hands, washing raw meat, drenching vegetables and fruits. A sink, if placed in the corner eats lesser apace and becomes easily accessible.

Most of the kitchen is either l-shaped or u-shape, but universally all regard the corner homicide to be most suitable for the setting of the sink. A corner kitchen sink does not hinder the floor work and allows one to utilise the upper platform. The idea is to create a convenient place for the kitchen work. The drainage system position is a vital factor for the fixture of the corner kitchen sink.

PostHeaderIcon Learn to keep your home organized

Tips to keep home organized, home maintenanceThe best way to keep your home organized is to get rid of all the clutter which has been formed in your house. The clutter needs to be either removed or placed somewhere where it does not hamper the look of your home. If you have a good garage space then you can place the extra furniture and items out there. If your home is disorganized and need to be organized without wasting time, do it quickly.

Some people have this habit of keeping stuffs which they do not require at all. Get hold of these stuffs and sell them off. You can even give it to your relatives or friends who need them. You should not hurry while organizing your home; do one thing at a time. Do not make it a habit of throwing things anywhere in your home; keeps the home neat and free from any clutter.

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