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PostHeaderIcon An account on insulating your basement

Having your basement properly insulated can reduce a lot of cost on energy. The walls need to be carefully insulated in order to sustain moisture control which is the most important reason for insulating your basement wall. Depending on the local climate depends your energy cost savings will vary to insulate the basement walls of your home. The basement is more connected to the living rooms in the house which calls for an urgent necessity of its insulation. Basements which have insulated exterior walls can be considered to be a conditioned space.

Having the interior walls insulated is less expensive than having to insulate the exterior walls. Any type of insulation can be used which gives you a wider choice of the insulating material. Insulation of your basement walls eliminates the infestation of insects. The entire space is isolated from the cold of the earth and is much more in effective than the insulation used for exterior methods.

PostHeaderIcon How to deal with slippery wooden floors

slippery wooden floorsSlippery floors may be the cause of great distress and trouble as they increases the chance of falling down and getting badly hurt to most people in all age groups. Especially for old and aged people who tend to have balance problem will have greater risks with slippery wooden floors which can lead to dangerous accidents.

Placing throw rugs on the high-traffic spots is an ideal solution to deal with the problem which most of us face related to slippery wooden floor. Throw rugs not only offer you an excellent solution but at the same time add immense color and highlight the décor of your house to a certain level.

Do not apply wax on your wooden floor as it makes them maximum slippery which becomes highly difficult to walk on. Dangerous places such as stairs can become a very dangerous area where to can fall and hurt yourself very badly if your floor is slippery.

PostHeaderIcon Home improvement hazard that you can easily avoid


We all love the place we stay in. Every now and then we are renovating our home to bring in some life to it after things get a bit dull. However with more and more people opting for home renovations themselves, there are a variety of hazards they are taking chances with.

Here is a list of a few common health hazards and how you can avoid them:

1)      Toxic Air or dust filled air: every time you are working in a dusty environment, you run the risk of suffering from breathing problems. The best way to avoid it is by wearing a mask when you are working.

2)      Wear heavy rubber gloves when you are working with different kinds of oil and solutions. They can be the cause of major skin irritation.

3)      Use ear plugs to protect your ears while you are busy hammering away or using machines that produce a lot of noise. Hearing damage can become permanent so don’t risk it.

PostHeaderIcon An account on walk in bathtubs

Do you want to know about the walk in bathtubs? Well then you should take a look at the following article to know more about the walk in bathtubs. If you install walk in bath tubs in your bathroom you will not have to face any hazard of lifting your leg in the tub in order to enter into your bathtub. These types of bathtubs are the brilliant means for the elderly people and also for those who are disabled.

But it is very much user friendly and everyone can use it. Now let’s discuss about the overall features of walk in bathtubs. Safety rails, shower heads and hand shower, water jets are the most important ingredients that come with walk in bathtubs. From these features you can imagine that these bath tubs are any day expensive than the regular bathtubs. But you should clean these bathtubs on a regular basis.

PostHeaderIcon Tips to clean your aquarium

If you own an aquarium you just do not need to worry about the cleaning procedure. Cleaning an aquarium is a simple and easy process. The better care you take of your aquarium, the healthier your fish would be. When you start cleaning your fish tank, you do not need to take out all the materials like the water pump and the decorations. You should not change the whole of the water from the fish tank rather remove 10% – 15% of the water. \

The replaced water should be de chlorinated regular fresh water. You should use a siphon to take out the dirt within the stones and decorations. Replacing 10 – 15% of the water once in a week is healthy for your fishes and it also increases the life of the aquarium. Remember to scrub the algae which can be harmful for your fishes and use a filter brush to clean the water filter.

PostHeaderIcon How to effectively use old tires as roofing materials

It is seen mostly in the villages and also in some suburban areas that the old tires of vehicles are being used as roofing materials. They come at a very affordable price. And since they don’t involve much cost they are widely acclaimed by most people. You can also use old tires as roofing materials. But for that first of all you need to some basic things about this. Otherwise your efforts will go in vain.

The tires can be of various sizes and shapes depending on the type of vehicles they have been taken from. Thus you must ensure that the tires are being placed in a correct way. So, that it may protect you from the extreme weather conditions like the sun and rain. If not placed in a correct way, then it may not serve the purpose at all effectively. So before you go for this of type roofing materials you have to keep these few basic things in your mind always.


PostHeaderIcon Timber flooring maintenance

Timber flooring is of two types- hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Hardwood flooring is made of solid one layered wood whereas engineered wood flooring consists of various layers. Mostly people prefer hardwood flooring for the ease and design. But importance should be given while maintenance of timber flooring is the topic of discussion.

  • You should sweep the timber flooring to remove the dirt and debris thereby keeping it clean.
  • If you are using vacuum cleaner then you have to make sure that the bristles of the vacuum brush are scratch less.
  • Never wet your timber flooring, whenever it is wet try to clean it with dry mop. If you want to wipe the floor then only use damp mop.
  • Try to use carpets wherever in the house it is necessary, depending on the usage of the place.
  • You can use furniture pads in order to avoid scratches made because of the heavy furniture.
  • Polish your timber flooring whenever it tends to look dull or faded.
  • You should use curtains and blinds to avoid fading of the wooden flooring due to constant exposure to direct sunrays.
  • If you have pets at home then try to keep their nails trimmed in order to avoid scratches on your timber flooring.

PostHeaderIcon How to install laminate on your stairs

You should know the details of cutting the pieces very well when you install laminate for your floor. You should not hurry while installing the laminate. You have to make sure that the pieces that you have cut are all equal. The level of the noses of the stairs should be checked as well.

The components that form the flooring are the thread which is the basic part on which a person steps, the rises which is the part that is vertical, the stringer which is a board placed on your wall and the nose of the stair which may or may not be already existing. If there is no nose, you will have to get it installed. The length of the nose of your stair is important for determining the number of pieces you are going to need. There are some manufacturers of laminate flooring who have developed a nose of the stair that already has a tread of laminate.

PostHeaderIcon Home bar essentials

Home bar essentials, Home barHave you built a new home recently? Then one of the most important things that you should go for these days is a home bar. You may not drink regularly but still a home bar has become necessary these days to facilitate the arrangements of parties at home. But then the bar should be properly placed. The decoration for your home should be chosen properly in accordance with your taste.

For setting up a proper home bar you should choose bar counters, bar stools, various crockery, etc. But all of these things have to be chosen keeping in mind the decoration of your house, and your personal taste. Matching bar stools with the counters and the rest of your house are easily available in the market. In case of unavailability you can order them. The crockery to be bought should be classy. Such that the overall set up gives an imperialistic appearance to your home.

PostHeaderIcon Things to keep in mind while picking a granite fabricator

Do you want to have a durable and decent looking counter top for your kitchen? Well then granite is the best option for you in this regard. But before purchasing granite counter top you should focus on a number of elements like edge, texture, color and so on. While purchasing a granite countertop you should consider buying in the best possible value available in the market. Several granite installation agencies provide services like free home installation. So you should contact a couple of companies and compare their prices before finalizing on one.

You can ask about the references of the customers and check out the samples and try to decide on the quality of the granite. Granite countertops could be of different colors and textures so you should consider the basic color of your home with which the color of the counter top should generally nicely contrast.

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